Understanding the difference can help you become a master of your mind.

The words ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’ are often considered synonyms. This is not wrong if it is meant as a definition of one word in terms of the other, because definitions are free. But it is wrong from a linguistic point of view, because these two words have different etymological origins…

Pure logic led to a solution of striking simplicity and beauty — and an instruction manual for yourself.

In “The Simple Answer to the Hard Problem of Consciousness,” Shivendra Misra presented Philip Goff’s panpsychism as an answer to the Hard Problem of Consciousness. That is the problem of explaining why we experience the way we do. Knowing how consciousness works enables you to use your mind more effectively.

Natural selection has us …

Who will survive? Since life is a natural phenomenon, there is only one authority that decides about survival: nature.

Nature uses a powerful principle for this: natural selection. Natural selection means survival of the fittest. Only the best specimens of a species survive. …

How to improve yours

Right upfront: Intelligence has nothing to do with which schools you attended or whether you have earned academic degrees. Our education system does not promote intelligence. In fact, it doesn’t even value intelligence. Our education system only values and promotes qualities such as obedience, conformity, memory, diligence, and perseverance. …

A simple test to find out

You may wonder what I mean by a real human.

Imagine standing in front of a cheetah enclosure in a zoo. You don’t see a real cheetah there. You only see the shadow of a cheetah. A real cheetah can run at 75 mph and prey to feed itself. The…

… and undo it in yourself

Imagine a child who is completely absorbed in its play. It is ravenously curious and explores the world. It is noon, and a parent calls the child for a meal. The child says that it is not hungry. But it must obey.

Find out what your body can do for you

In my article “Why Every Thought, Every Feeling, and Every Perception Counts,” I explained why and how you are the boss of your 35 trillion body cells. You command them with what you know, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

There is yet another dimension to this, which makes…

You are the boss!

Imagine running a corporation with 100 employees. Every employee knows everything you know, think, and feel. Therefore, you command your employees with what you know, think, and feel.

What were the implications of being the boss of such a corporation?

This scenario is real! You are the commander of such…

How to find out who and what you truly are

One day an eagle laid an egg in a chicken coop. The egg hatched and the newborn eagle learned from its peers how to live like a chicken. Life was OK — except for a yearning that made it seek. But none of what it found truly satisfied its yearning.

My body made me listen to it

Many years ago, I had a career as a mathematician. I conducted research, taught at a university, and ran my own business. It felt like a beautiful and satisfying career. I traveled around the globe, met a lot of people, received a lot of applause, made an impact, and earned…

Bernhard Kutzler

PhD, researcher, author, former math professor, now exploring the programs that control us and how we can get free from them — https://www.BernhardKutzler.com

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