Bernhard Kutzler

Find out what happened to your genius — and how to activate it again.

The common view is that geniuses are extraordinary people who were born with special abilities or worked exceptionally hard, usually both.

However, this is a very limited perspective. According to my own research, and supported by three very prominent voices, everyone is born a genius. But in most cases, the…

A powerful lesson about survival — and more

On December 26, 2004, a tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed about 230,000 people, while virtually no animals died. They fled to higher ground before the water arrived. (See, for example, the National Geographic article “Did Animals Sense Tsunami Was Coming?”

Follow me as I propose and justify the most…

How paying attention to the difference can promote mental growth.

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” (Sokrates)

Language is one of humankind’s most valuable intellectual assets. It developed in parallel with our thinking.

As a mathematician, I am trained for precision — precision of language and precision of thought. All mathematical work begins with precise definitions —…

Understanding the difference can help you become a master of your mind.

The words ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’ are often considered synonyms. This is not wrong if it is meant as a definition of one word in terms of the other, because definitions are free. But it is wrong from a linguistic point of view, because these two words have different etymological origins…

Pure logic led to a solution of striking simplicity and beauty — and an instruction manual for yourself.

In “The Simple Answer to the Hard Problem of Consciousness,” Shivendra Misra presented Philip Goff’s panpsychism as an answer to the Hard Problem of Consciousness. That is the problem of explaining why we experience the way we do. Knowing how consciousness works enables you to use your mind more effectively.

How to improve yours

Right upfront: Intelligence has nothing to do with which schools you attended or whether you have earned academic degrees. Our education system does not promote intelligence. In fact, it doesn’t even value intelligence. Our education system only values and promotes qualities such as obedience, conformity, memory, diligence, and perseverance. …

Bernhard Kutzler

PhD, scientist, former math professor; I explore the mind with scientific meticulousness and write about my findings. —

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