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Right upfront: Intelligence has nothing to do with which schools you attended or whether you have earned academic degrees. Our education system does not promote intelligence. In fact, it doesn’t even value intelligence. Our education system only values and promotes qualities such as obedience, conformity, memory, diligence, and perseverance. These qualities have nothing to do with intelligence.

Also, most intelligence tests hardly measure true intelligence.

What is intelligence?

This word originates from the Latin words inter and legere. Inter means “between,” legere means “to read.” Intelligence means “reading between” — between lines, between words, or between pictures. …

A simple test to find out

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You may wonder what I mean by a real human.

Imagine standing in front of a cheetah enclosure in a zoo. You don’t see a real cheetah there. You only see the shadow of a cheetah. A real cheetah can run at 75 mph and prey to feed itself. The cheetah in the zoo can’t do this. It can’t because it doesn’t need it. And it doesn’t have enough space to run that fast.

A real life form is one that lives up to its full potential.

The question is: Are you a shadow of a human or are you…

… and undo it in yourself

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Imagine a child who is completely absorbed in its play. It is ravenously curious and explores the world. It is noon, and a parent calls the child for a meal. The child says that it is not hungry. But it must obey.

Find out what your body can do for you

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In my article “Why Every Thought, Every Feeling, and Every Perception Counts,” I explained why and how you are the boss of your 35 trillion body cells. You command them with what you know, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

There is yet another dimension to this, which makes your body your best buddy.

You command your cells with what you know. This begs the question: What do you know? You know everything you ever experienced in your life. Some of it you can access willfully, but most of it you cannot access willfully. …

You are the boss!

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Imagine running a corporation with 100 employees. Every employee knows everything you know, think, and feel. Therefore, you command your employees with what you know, think, and feel.

What were the implications of being the boss of such a corporation?

This scenario is real! You are the commander of such a corporation. However, you don’t have 100 employees; you have 35 trillion employees. Your body is the corporation; you are the commander; your 35 trillion body cells are your employees.

This number is so big that it is abstract. We hear of such big numbers, mostly in connection with money…

How to find out who and what you truly are

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One day an eagle laid an egg in a chicken coop. The egg hatched and the newborn eagle learned from its peers how to live like a chicken. Life was OK — except for a yearning that made it seek. But none of what it found truly satisfied its yearning.

Would it help if someone told the eagle that it is not a chicken, but an eagle? No, this would not help. The eagle has learned to “be” a chicken; it carries a “chicken program” that tells it how to behave under which circum­stances. …

My body made me listen to it

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Many years ago, I had a career as a mathematician. I conducted research, taught at a university, and ran my own business. It felt like a beautiful and satisfying career. I traveled around the globe, met a lot of people, received a lot of applause, made an impact, and earned well. But after working more than twenty years in this field, everything became routine. Everywhere I went, I felt like I met the same people and had the same conversations about the same topics. I was bored.

Craving a change, I left the university in 2009, closed my business, and…

The best thing that could have happened

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As unpleasant as the current situation is, it is the best that could happen to humankind: More and more people wake up.

There is a simple explanation.

For decades more and more rules were enacted. More and more laws reduced our freedom more and more. But this process was so slow, that people hardly became aware of it. We were like the frog in the pot.

This folktale teaches us an important lesson

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Danish author Hans Christian Andersen published this tale on April 7, 1837.


Once upon a time, there was an emperor who spent all his money on clothes.

One day two swindlers came to his court. They said that they can weave the most magnificent clothes imaginable. These clothes are not only extraordinarily beautiful, but they have a most wonderous property: They are invisible for those who are incompetent or stupid.

The emperor was excited. He had to have these clothes. They would help him find out who is suitable for their post. And he could find out who is…

An exercise in finding your truth

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To trust a person means to assume that the person acts truthfully (honest). To mistrust a person means to reckon that this person may act untruthfully (dishonest).

Imagine a car dealer from whom you want to buy a car. The dealer will try to present the car as favorable as possible while withholding flaws.

It’s similar with an insurance agent. The agent too will try to sell you all the advantages of their products and not talk about disadvantages; they are hidden in the small print.

Real estate agents are yet another example.

People act to their own benefit and…

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